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Indiana Jones Collectors Review:  Mickey Mouse “Indiana Jones”

(Disney Theme Park Exclusive

Review and Photography by Jeffrey A. Gouse (SithLord0498) 

Review Date: July 7, 2008



  •  Points of ArticulationSwivel jointed: head, shoulders, waist

  • Accessories:  Golden Mickey Mouse Idol, Satchel, Whip

Star Tours has been a major longtime component of the Magic Kingdom’s affiliation with Star Wars, so it was only a matter of time before Indiana Jones was brought into the mix.  However, rather than creating a whole new action figure line like Star Tours, Disney chose to commemorate Kingdom of the Crystal Skull by releasing a PVC figurine of Mickey Mouse dressed in the costume of Indiana Jones.  While a quick first glance may suggest nothing more than a simple trinket meant to cash in on the timely popularity of the Indy franchise, there are several surprises lurking inside the blister card. 

SCULPTING:  Excellent (Bordering on Above Average) 

Bearing in mind that this is meant to be a little novelty item sold exclusively at the granddaddy of all theme parks, we should not expect a sculpting masterpiece here.  Surprisingly, though, it is much better than anticipated with attention paid to several nuances in the actual Indiana Jones costume.  These include the shape of the hat, the design and texture of the satchel, and the placement of pockets and buckles.  Of course, all have been simplified from the cinematic design in order to accommodate the animated nature of Mickey Mouse. 

And speaking of Mr. M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E, this timeless prince of animation has temporarily jumped ship from Lucasfilm’s other marketing titan to take up the mantle of cinema’s greatest archaeologist.  To be honest, this is a better fit for Mickey than his Jedi incarnations.  On him, the Indiana Jones attire just looks right, and his unique features are aptly integrated into it—particularly the iconic ears poking through the sides of the fedora.  As for Mickey’s face, the chosen expression (specifically the eyes and eyebrows) is a bit too sinister for the character, making it the biggest negative in this category. 

A quick note about the very noticeable and numerous molding lines, which do mar the aesthetic quality of the figure.  Figures made of PVC have a tendency to show these lines more than the typical action figure does.  It’s the nature of the beast.  For that reason, it is being considered an unavoidable side effect and is not weighed against the scoring in this category.




PAINT APPLICATION:  Excellent (Bordering on Above Average) 

This figure sports black, white, and all different shades of brown paint spread throughout, creating a very earthen deco.  For the most part, the manufacturer did an excellent job.  The overall scheme keeps very much in line with the established look of Indiana Jones but restricts each element to a single shade as if it were Disney animation.  There are no paint washes to be found here.  For the most part, the costume is free from intrusive and distracting paint bleeding although some can be found near the gun holster.  The only major area where there is noticeable bleeding is on Mickey’s face where the black meets the “skin” tone.



Several factors considered, the articulation manages a middle-of-road score.  First, this is technically not an action figure, so the standards set by modern action figures cannot truly be applied here.  Second, as a PVC figurine, the fact that it has four points of articulation is impressive, but it could have benefited from swivel wrists as well.  You won’t get any dynamic poses out of Mickey, but you won’t have to settle for a static pose either.  All things considered, the articulation is solid given the figure’s nature.

ACCESSORIES:  Above Average 

Granted, all Mickey comes with are a whip and a Golden Idol, but they are cool accessories.  The whip is just as detailed as any of the ones found in the Hasbro line—although Mickey’s hand is a smidge too open to hold it securely.  Best bet there is to avoid moving the arm once the whip is in hand.  The Golden Idol is the real gem though as it is a small “toy gold”-plated (re: metallic looking plastic) Mickey Mouse which DOES fit securely in the figure’s hand.  While it’s shaped like Mickey, the faint facial features imitate that of the actual Idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark, so it effectively becomes an amalgamation of the two.



Ultimately, this is an interesting combination of two globally-known icons.  For what it is, the Mickey Mouse “Indiana Jones” PVC figurine is a solid figure with solid accessories and an imaginative design.  This will make a unique and quirky addition to anyone’s Indiana collection.  To top it off, it is reasonably priced at $10—although the trip to Disney will likely render that savings meaningless.  For those who won’t be making the journey to either Florida or California, there are always the typical alternative sources such as online retailers and eBay. 

If you can find one for under $20, it is recommended to both serious and casual Indiana Jones collectors.  Pay more than that, and it becomes a matter of how much one wants it on an individual basis.  For me, this was an unexpected gift from a person whom I have come to consider a friend in the online collecting community, so this will be a prized part of my small but growing Indy collection.



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